Why you need a marketing automation platform built by someone who’s walked a mile in your shoes


When you think about how you do your job each day, there’s probably a lot of technology running throughout. And for most modern marketers, that technology centers around a marketing automation platform.

Although we’ve reached a point today where technology can be a marketer’s best friend, this wasn’t always the case.

Growing Pains of the Modern Marketer

Back in the olden days (you know, 10 or so years ago), it wasn’t so easy to be a technology-driven marketer: Systems were extremely complex, they required a lot of resources to maintain and it was difficult to prove ROI because the systems were so expensive.

Part of these growing pains, especially around marketing automation technology, was the fact that these systems represented a new approach to engaging with potential and existing customers, and not everyone understood the true value of that model. But even more so was the fact that these technologies were made for marketers, but not by marketers. And that caveat makes all the difference.

Overcoming the Growing Pains with Experience & Understanding

If someone asked you what you need to do your job better, you would be able to answer quickly, easily and completely. If someone asked you what people in another profession need to do their jobs better, you might have some ideas, but you wouldn’t have the direct experience and understanding to answer this question in the same way as you would for your own job.

This difference is what it was like in the early days of marketing automation. Technology came out and it was helpful, but it wasn’t the whole package — just a step forward. It got the broad strokes right, but all of the details weren’t in place simply because it wasn’t created by people who had “been there and done that.”

Today, however, we do have that whole package. Marketing automation technology has advanced, and not just because the technology itself has gotten better. The entire platform has gotten smarter and more detailed (yet simpler at the same time) because we now have solutions that are not only made for marketers, but they’re also made by marketers.

Walking a Mile in the Shoes of a Modern Marketer

At Sugar Market, we speak about this shift often because we’ve lived it. We used the initial iterations of marketing automation platforms and they were fine, but we always knew they were missing something. Now we can confidently say that’s no longer the case. They say that to really understand someone, you need to walk a mile in their shoes, and as a team of seasoned marketers, we’ve walked a mile and then some.

You see, it’s not just that we were marketers and we know what was needed. We still are marketers and we identify new needs — and solutions — every day. And that’s where the true value of having a marketing automation platform created for marketers by marketers comes to fruition. It kind of feels like someone was inside of your head and knew exactly what you needed (perhaps even before you did) when they designed it. So it doesn’t just erase the complexities around usage, maintenance and even pricing that traditionally plagued marketing automation platforms, but it also understands how you do your job and stays one step ahead of any changes in how you operate.

The Value of a Solution That Understands Exactly What You Need

Now, technology is indeed a marketer’s best friend. And that’s because we have solutions that are no longer clunky or outrageously expensive. Rather, they’re easy for us marketers to manage ourselves. Furthermore, they’re not only less expensive, but they also offer better analytics that make it simpler for us users to showcase the ROI. And, perhaps most importantly, they have capabilities that allow us to target and engage with customers in the ways that we want to, and these capabilities continue to evolve along with our customers’ preferences and our own strategies.

So what does it mean to have a marketing automation platform not only built for marketers but also built by marketers? It means we can work smarter to achieve stronger results and better communicate and learn from those results. In other words, it’s the whole package. And who doesn’t want that?