Six steps to add lead generation into the mix (and why you need to do it!)

It seems that somewhere along the way it became taboo for marketers to drive leads. But with growing revenue targets, can you really afford to just sit back and wait for prospects to come to you?

It’s Too Noisy for Inbound Marketing Alone To Cut the Muster

Inbound marketing activities like blogging and SEO once separated the innovative marketers from the pack. Today, however, if you’re not doing these activities, you’re behind. And while they certainly continue to provide significant value (after all, there is a reason that they’re so popular), they no longer offer the same stand-out advantage that they once did.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for moment… As little as five years ago, many marketers still needed to be sold on the concept of blogging and even more were trying to navigate the complex waters of SEO for the first time. Against this backdrop, organizations who did these activities were ahead of the curve and could easily break through any noise.

Fast forward to present day and you’ll find that breaking through the noise is no longer as easy as simply publishing a blog post, improving your backlink game or optimizing keywords. Sure, those activities still go a long way, but now that everyone’s doing them, the playing field has leveled and it’s far too easy to get lost in the crowd.

Let’s Tip the Scales Back Toward Lead Generation

The basic fact of the matter is, if you don’t have A+ brand recognition, inbound marketing activities alone won’t bring enough prospects to your website to drive the number of leads you need to meet your goals. So what’s the solution?

Since you can’t ignore those inbound marketing efforts you worked so hard to cultivate over the past few years, in today’s noisy, social-driven world, that requires taking matters into your own hands by bringing some good, old-fashioned lead generation back into the mix.

Of course nothing today should be old-fashioned, so how can you inject your lead generation playbook with new life? Here’s our top advice.

6 Steps to Reinvigorate Lead Generation

  1. Formulate Goals
    Whether it’s improving awareness, increasing traffic, driving X number of leads, opportunities, event attendees or a combination of these and more, setting goals is essential for tracking the success of your efforts.
  2. Define Your Target Market and Accounts
    Who will your lead generation activities go after? You need to define your target market and accounts early on, and the answers to those related “who” questions should drive all of your future lead generation efforts.
  3. Determine Key Messages
    After you define the “who,” it’s time to consider the “what.” What will you say to your targeted prospects in pursuit of your goals?
  4. Build a Multi-Channel Plan
    How will you deliver that key message to your target audience? We all have our preferred channels for communication, and with customers (even in the B2B world) now in the driver’s seat, marketers would be remiss not to take a multi-channel approach. Include a variety of channels, such as direct mail, email, social, webinars, advertising and live events in your plan to accommodate for different channel preferences.
  5. Track Performance to Measure Effectiveness
    Once your activities are underway, you should constantly ask how well they’re performing and how you’re tracking against your goals. Obviously positive results are ideal, since they mean your efforts are working, but negative results can also be useful. If your measurement reveals your efforts aren’t as effective as you had hoped, ask why not? The answer should help you course-correct.
  6. Communicate Results to Stakeholders and Adjust Based on Learnings
    Last but not least, you need to communicate all of your results to stakeholders, including your sales and executive teams in order to show the value of your efforts and retain (or boost) buy-in. And, perhaps most importantly, you need to adjust your efforts based on what you learn from tracking performance. Even if your efforts yield positive results, there’s always room for improvement.

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