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  • The first touch between a sales representative and a prospect
  • After receiving their information from a lead-capture form
  • When the prospect hasn’t heard of your company
  • When initiating relationship-focused communication with new lists of contacts

About our introductory email marketing and sales templates:

Need to quickly heat up cold prospects? A well crafted warm-up email can do the job. If your first-touch emails aren’t converting, or if you just don’t have the magic flair for writing emails that get opened (and clicked through,) these introductory email templates are for you.

The free download of sales and marketing email templates make use of the tactics we’ve outlined below. So give our free templates a try, or build off of them by implementing the best practices below to create your own!

Five Best Practices for Introductory or First-Touch Emails

  1. Format the email in threes.
    Marketing experts have identified many cold email formats that work: “before/after/bridge,” “problem/agitate/solve,” “star/chain/hook,” “star/story/solution,” and “praise/picture/push.” What’s the trend? Threes. Every one of these techniques is a variation of “what’s happening now/you can improve/we can help.”
  2. Keep it short.
    Brevity forces you to use words with precise connotations. It also keeps your potential from the worst response ever: THINKING! You want action, not thought. The second section in your email will usually be the longest, because businesses already know “what’s happening now” and your CTA in the “we can help” section SHOULD BE STRIKINGLY EASY TO PERFORM.
  3. Focus on depth, not breadth.
    Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, automation works best with content directed at your best paying niche. Consolidate your target audience down into a singular profile concept that you can write down on a driver’s license. Write your email to that single person.
  4. Hit your decision maker.
    This is not always the CEO. Depending on your market niche, you may need to talk to HR or Accounts Receivable.
  5. Assume compliance.
    You are not asking for business in this email; you are reminding potential customers of your added value as if you are an old friend they somehow forgot. Think of your email as a sociable, slightly aggressive punch on the arm that says, “Excuse me? I am best man at your wedding, after all.”

Use these tricks and templates for your team, to ensure that high-quality communication is the very first thing new contacts receive when your company’s name shows up in their inbox. The templates are simple to replicate for every kind of introductory email, so your first-touch doesn’t end up being the last-touch!

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