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  • Achieve better results with every Facebook ad you create.
  • Write effective, engaging content for your Facebook marketing campaign.
  • Stop having to re-learn Facebook’s advertising as ads placement changes.
  • Learn the most effective words to use on Facebook to win new customers.

About the Facebook Ads Size Cheat Sheet

With over 1.23 billion active users, Facebook continues to be one of the most important social media platforms for today’s business no matter the industry. But, marketing on Facebook isn’t always easy when you’re struggling to build a compelling, winning ad every time. By using this Facebook Ads Template, it becomes easy to work through creating effective and highly versatile ads that get attention and convert people into buyers. This can also be used as a Facebook ad size cheat sheet, giving you the correct image sizes that are required. All of this information will help you make every ad placed on Facebook as effective as possible.

How to Use the Facebook Ads Size Cheat Sheet

Are you struggling to create an ad that generates leads? Which words get attention? What’s the right style to use? This Facebook advertising best practices guide makes it easy for you. It answers the questions you have about creating effective and engaging ads on Facebook. When you use the Facebook ad size cheat sheet, you can avoid creating ads that are a waste of time and money. Rather, this template lets you write engaging copy with the right size and type of image that converts readers into buyers.

To use it, simply follow our suggestions in a step-by-step manner when designing your ad. Our Facebook advertising best practices cheat sheet tells you what to include throughout your ad to get good results every time. This includes having the right Facebook ad image dimensions, the right amount of text to use in your copy, and how to display multiple products properly. Discover the five most effective words to use to win new customers every time. It’s a straightforward cheat sheet that tells you what you need to know to make sure you are killing it with every Facebook ad you post.

Why Use the Facebook Ads Size Cheat Sheet

When you don’t use a Facebook ad template like this, you run the risk of creating an ad that’s ineffective. You may know that Facebook changes how it places ads in the news feed on a regular basis. It’s hard to know if your image, content, or even your topic will work well on Facebook. We understand your struggle here, and we’ve solved your dilemma.

More so, there’s a lot of competition out there. With our Facebook advertising best practices in your fingertips, you’ll be able to get get ahead of the competition and get the results you want. Save time and money when writing your ads, and enjoy more customers.

Download Our Facebook Ads Size Cheat Sheet

Get on track with Facebook advertising best practices and download your copy of this Facebook ads template. Take your ads too the next level to start converting your customers.