Marketers are obsessed with social media. It’s engrained in our DNA to share blog posts, event registrations, infographics, cat videos, and Nicolas Cage memes across our social profiles. The best marketing software solutions embrace this little quirk of ours.

Social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and even Instagram can serve as a marketing software for small business. Think about it – each of these sites can be manipulated as stand alone tools to share website content, educate leads, communicate with customers, and be an active member of your industry community.

Social sharing is like having a unique global marketing software with an independent audience for each site. Sure, some people who like your Facebook page probably also follow your Twitter account, this is a good thing! But, it can be a monumental task to capture and hold the attention of all those people.

Depending on how much of your inbound marketing efforts depend on social media, you may choose to invest in a social marketing tool. These softwares will help you track engagement statistics, discover the most active posting times, and even increase employee advocacy.

However, don’t just search ‘social media marketing software free’ and expect your organization prayers to be answered. Research tools that integrate with the platforms you’re most active on and that track the statistics that matter most to your organization.

Here are some social engagement tips you can implement with or without a social network marketing software: