Of course, there are tons of B2B marketing tools out there like marketing automation software, SEO services, and others. But, don’t look past the B2B marketing resources that you have right in front of you – the resources that want to help, strive to help, and will only better your standing in the industry. Your employees of course!

The easiest way to teach employees about B2B marketing is with a well constructed email.

Ease them into the subject with a ‘what is B2B marketing’ definition. This gets everyone on an even playing field and establishes a tone for the rest of your message. However, make sure you’re educating without sounding condescending. No one wants to be talked down to.

As you update your marketing goals, whether its every quarter or every year (for heaven’s sake it better at least be every year) keep your employees up to date, too. Make sure they’re aware of your B2B marketing techniques because they can help the process.

For example, let’s say you’re undertaking a big keyword project for Quarter Three. Once you’ve identified the top keywords for your industry and dropped them throughout your website on the products page, about us, company blog, etc., email everyone and explain the project.

Company culture is enhanced when everyone feels ‘in the know’ and can even help in promotion. In your email, encourage employees to share your website, blog posts, and assets across their social networks – it creates a sense of community while simultaneously improving your search engine rankings.

The best B2B marketing companies ask for employee feedback instead of just barking orders at everyone. In your email explaining your marketing goals and social sharing, be sure to close with a request for questions or comments.

As a marketer full of questions and opinions of your own, you might assume that this is implied. Other’s won’t, so type it out. Once replies start rolling in, pay attention to them. Address questions as quickly as you can and truly consider adopting suggestions from other departments – often times an outside perspective sees what you can’t from the inside.