Sugar Market Employee SpotlightSay hi to Dylan Southern, our Software Engineering Intern! Dylan is constantly learning, on and off the job. Read more about Dylan down below.

When did you start working at Sugar Market, previously Sugar Market?

March 2017.

What is an interesting fact(s) about yourself?

I really like learning. I like working on side projects, like creating my own website or app. I am currently working on modifying a microcontroller that I received for my birthday.

What is your favorite thing about working at Sugar Market?

The ability to ask questions. I can just stand up and ask someone a question and get a good response. Everyone is willing to listen and hear me out. I think that is a really important factor in a place you want to work, asking questions.

What advice would you give to someone in your occupation or career field?

Not to be afraid. In the developer field you keep on working and learning. Finding something you like to do at work and at home that’s related to your field.

If you’d like to speak Dylan, her information is down below: