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  • Plug-n-play email subject lines that get opened
  • Picking the right sentence structure for your own subject lines
  • Avoiding taboo email subject words or phrases
  • Including the right variables for your email subject lines
  • Ready-made email subject lines for initial introductory emails
  • Pre-created email subject lines for follow-up emails

Common themes among our email subject line examples:

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and – as far as your email is concerned – the subject line is it. There are a lot of “best practices” floating around the web, but pulling off a flawless first impression can be so daunting that it gets in your head.

That’s why we’ve created this template of email subject line examples. Download the free template, plug in the information that is unique to your project, and give it a whirl!

To create your own from scratch, here are best practices to start with and examples for how to implement them.

Action Verbs

A great way to start any email is with an action verb. Business is all about action, and strong action verbs display confidence in your own abilities. In many cases, the action verb will be the first word of the sentence. This naturally assumes the client to be the subject of the sentence, as most action verbs beginning a sentence naturally create an imperative in the second person. You are tactfully taking command of the situation, presenting yourself as a leader with solutions and actually ordering the client around without telling them. Some of the best action verbs to use include:

  1. Discover
  2. Create
  3. Sell
  4. Dominate
  5. Solidify
  6. Move
  7. Improve

Some examples of email opening lines with these action verbs at the beginning:

  • Create New Relationships with Customers with the Right CRM Platform
  • Solidify Your Market Position with a New Automated Campaign
  • Move Competition Swiftly and Take Market Share with Faster Social Listening Tools

Note that these are all commands (imperative sentences), but it does not seem like an order they are taking from you.

Staying Away from Cliches (Used Car Salesman Words)

There are certain words that have lost meaning in the English language, such as “please” and “thank you.” People are more likely to give you attention if you insert a rude four letter word in a sentence than if you are polite to them with these now meaningless words. In some cases, “please” and “thank you” are used more to express ironic subjugation than true deference.

In the same way, there are some cliche sales words that you must avoid at all costs. Their connotation is overly negative now, and to use them immediately diminishes your selling power, especially if you are representing a luxury brand.

  1. Guaranteed!
  2. Instantly!
  3. Trust me
  4. Right now!
  5. Fast!
  6. Incredible!

Note how these words have an even worse negative connotation if you add an exclamation point. In short, if you think a used car salesman would use the phrasing, keep it out of your email subject line. Compare these two similar lines:

  • Our Incredible Program Gives Your Email More Reach. Guaranteed!


  • Solidify Your Market Position with Proven Automation Tactics.

Include Numbers

If you are going to use the superlative tactic, as many do, (biggest! best! fastest!) include numbers that can quickly quantify your claims. The more quantifiable information that you can cram into an email subject line, the more likely you are to get a response from serious customers. For instance:

  • The Biggest and Best Email Automation Program is Here! Guaranteed!


  • 50% of Our Customers Experience 21% or Greater Email Response Rate: Best in Class Results.


Everyone has a natural negativity bias. If you find that playing up your own skills is not working, downplay those of your clients. You should see an uptick. This is a tactic to use for customer acquisition more than customer maintenance (be positive with your current client base), although using it as a remarketing technique for potential customers who have fallen off of your radar before making a purchase is a good move as well.

  • Why Your Instagram Marketing Isn’t Working in 2016
  • The [INDUSTRY] Industry Has Moved: Have You?
  • [XX] Reasons Your Sales Are Down Year Over Year

Download our Email Subject Line Examples Template

Although the final word on what works best is in your client’s hands, these examples are a great place to start testing. Use this free download of email subject lines in conjunction with the other free email templates from our library to create robust, engaging, click-worthy email campaigns!