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  • Helps to familiarize your target audience with a format that will encourage higher customer retention rates
  • Creates brand consistency
  • Increases loyalty and retention rates
  • Saves time by replicating a proven template that works

About the Email Newsletter Template

This company newsletter template provides a format that can be easily populated with information about your sales programs, company news and products. The template is meant to be easy to follow and engaging. The template uses a vetted structure that puts the emphasis on your content and not on design, allowing you to quantify how that content is actually performing with your audience.

How to Use the Email Newsletter Template

Use the newsletter template as a starting point for company announcements and ongoing communications with your audience. You can test different headlines, keywords and link structures to determine how your audience prioritizes your content. You can also easily test for hot link zones in your template and analyze how your sales might be affected by putting certain links within those zones.

An effective use of the email newsletter template is to slowly tweak options that you are trying to test for effectiveness. You can easily compare how sizing, format, priority and different design techniques affect how people view your announcements and sales efforts.

Why Use the Email Newsletter Template

A newsletter template keeps your company from spending inordinate amounts of money on third-party newsletter design teams. You gain a much shorter time to market and a structured approach that is already proven to work within your industry. You also gain a baseline to build from, providing room for multivariate analysis that is more easily assessed than arbitrary or fundamental changes in your format.

If you choose to move forward with a specialized design later on, you will understand the fundamental reasoning behind your audience’s engagement with your content. From this vantage point, you can make sweeping changes that will not negatively affect your engagement with this audience.

Download Our Email Newsletter Template

If you are looking for a shortcut to your audience, download our email newsletter template. We use designs that have already been proven to work in your industry. We also provide enough flexibility for your company to personalize its newsletter and deliver precise content to your target market. Get started on your design today and start collecting the data that will help you create the perfect correspondence for your customers.