Although there are a number of factors that affect your overall email performance, the basics start with design. In this video, three specific design details that make a huge difference:

Watch this short video for more explanation on those three topics before sending your next email. Choosing the right format will improve your chances of success on your next email campaign.

Transcript of the Video

There are a number of factors affecting email performance. But let’s focus now on the important design decisions you need to make for each message to have the best results.

HTML is perfect for a formal webinar or event invite. But, when you want to take a more personal approach, try a text version. And, don’t forget your email must be responsive since so many people open them on the go.

Something that people often overlook is who an email is sent from and what the reply-to address is.

With the exception of newsletters, we’ve found that emails from an individual versus a generic marketing@ or info@ email are nearly twice as likely to be opened.

And, if you are trying to drive meetings with sales, an email that appears as a personal outreach from the rep is the way to go. But to work, the reply-to address must also be the rep or you’ve blown your cover and it’s obvious a robot sent it.

So, before you jump into sending your next email campaign, improve its chances for success by choosing the right format.

Malinda Wilkinson, CMO