Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Before you dive into this ever evolving, shifting, and globalizing world, be sure to draft your own internal marketing automation plan. The great thing about marketing automation technology is all of its capabilities, but the frustrating thing about the tool can also be, all of its capabilities. This is why planning and staying focused is so important for getting the most out of marketing automation.

You would never buy a car without researching and test driving it first, right? Walking into a random dealership and hurling your credit card at the salesperson across the table from you is a sure fire way to leave with a money-sucking disappointment. Sure, it has 45 cupholders, but you really wanted four-wheel drive. And you’re not going to take 45 caramel mocha macchiatos on your off-roading trip.

It’s the same when it comes to researching marketing automation softwares. Choose the first tool you see and you’ll end up with the wrong capabilities for your company and lacking the features you really, really had your sights set on.

Here are some starting points to prep marketing (and everyone else) for marketing automation: