Are you officially confused yet? Don’t worry, you’re not the first to get a little lost in the many worlds of lead generations (see what I did there?). All of these lead generation sources are actually a good thing! As long as you have the patience to wade through the options and find what works best for your company based on size, industry, and customer base.

Here are some lead generation options to help talk you off the sales cycle ledge:

  1. Create a lead generation website: Whether this is your company’s entire online presence or a sister site for education about your industry, have a platform where all content is created with the buyer in mind.
    • Post articles about your industry, fun infographics, interactive surveys, and animated videos demoing your product.
    • Provide lead generation offers, in more subtle words of course, offering early bird sign up deals for event registration or giveaways for webinar attendees.
  2. Consider outsourcing lead generation: Listen, if you work for a startup with a marketing department of one (who also moonlights as a sales rep) then there’s no shame in outsourcing lead generation to save time and sanity.
    • Begin your search for a reputable agency by finding one that displays a long and trustworthy list of clients with proven results for clients and honest numbers in their reporting.
    • Make sure their team is highly specialized, with writers, strategists, and designers that will do more for you than a Jigsaw lead generation search.
  3. Develop a lead generation partnership: Hey, two heads are better than one. Boost your lead generation sales by teaming up with another company in your industry by promoting each other’s content and even co-hosting events and webinars.
    • Partnerships can open up your audience tremendously by taking advantage of their CRM contacts and social media followers.
    • Of course, this goes without saying, a partnership with a direct competitor might turn into a blood bath before the first lead can be scored.