Demand Gen Report, a lead publication for B2B marketing professionals, recently released a special report on strategies for improving lead scoring. Automation and Predictive Analytics Fuel B2B Lead Scoring Success reveals how marketing automation helps to maximize the overall effectiveness of lead scoring.

Amplify Lead Scoring with Marketing Automation

As quantified in the 2015 Demand Gen Report Benchmark Study and validated in this report, “nearly three-quarters (74%) of B2B marketers consider lead quality their priority.” A coordinated lead scoring strategy is essential to fueling a higher number of quality leads with a greater propensity to convert. The importance of marketing automation in these lead scoring efforts is paramount, as B2B organizations continue to focus on both lead capture and quality.

“Lead scoring and management help prevent sales from wasting their time and energy on leads that are not ready yet,” said Malinda Wilkinson, CMO of Sugar Market, previously Sugar Market. Lead scoring can help businesses to focus on the most qualified contacts, with marketing automation as a key part of the overall solution.

ePromos Automates Lead Routing

The report includes Sugar Market client, ePromos, experience in implementing marketing automation to help in lead scoring efforts. “Web leads (customers who visited the website) were being routed to reps simply on the basis of how many page views the lead had,” noted Ben Adams, Marketing Operations Specialist at ePromos.

With the help of marketing automation, ePromos can now use an automated analysis of website activity and customer data to strategically route leads. “We’re in the process of using Sugar Market to improve our marketing and sales team performances,” Adams noted. “I will say it had already proven valuable in breaking down the value of existing leads.”

Download the Report Today

There is indeed a compelling case for implementing marketing automation to assist in predictive analytics and lead scoring. The Demand Gen Report includes more information on:

Learn more about the effect of marketing automation and predictive analytics on lead scoring by reading the full report here.