It can be challenging to engage in meaningful interactions and convert leads to buyers in a scalable way. Traditional bulk email is manual to produce and is quickly becoming less effective. This is largely due to individuals being inundated with email. It’s critical for marketers to find a scalable way to deliver personalized content at the right time during a buyer’s journey.

Nurture campaigns are designed to do exactly that. They use a lead nurturing process that can help you develop relationships with leads by surfacing content that’s uniquely relevant to them at the right time during the buying cycle. These automated campaigns, available in full-suite marketing automation platforms, run automatically. They eliminate the need for a consistent reinvestment of time to develop content and execute on it. You can create nurtures to warm prospects into leads while you focus on pulling new people into your funnel.

You can also use a lead nurturing process to create campaigns that maintain customer relationships. Many companies who use marketing automation have prospect-targeted nurtures, as well as customer-focused nurtures. Each are designed for slightly different goals but share the common objective of building long-term relationships with people.

Nurture Marketing Highlights