Data helps today’s marketers make the best decisions to improve their value.

With data driven marketing, marketers can change the conversation and confirm their value as a business partner by analyzing and sharing actionable insights. However, it’s necessary to put the right tools in place to capture key information.


Transcript of the Video

Data. [Long A pronunciation]. Data. [Short A pronunciation]. However you say it, today’s marketers need it to make the best decisions and prove their value. But, in some organizations data is either too difficult to get to, not tracked correctly, or an after thought.

It may not be as sexy as campaigns or creating new content, but buried deep within some marketing departments is a wealth of information just waiting to be unlocked. Others may not have the right processes or tools in place and are missing out on the chance to capture key insights.

But knowledge is power. And that’s why the concept of data-driven marketing is a hot topic. Marketers that want to earn a seat at the executive table have changed the conversation by analyzing and sharing actionable insights.

You’ve got to have visibility into what’s working, what’s not, and how much it cost you for the results achieved. By tracking key metrics and understanding how each program drives leads and conversions, you can make smarter decisions and report Marketing’s contribution to revenue.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it’s not so straightforward if you are working in separate systems. The key is to have an integrated marketing automation platform and CRM to accurately track the ROI of your efforts and identify the opportunities sourced and influenced by marketing.

And it’s not just about taking a look back at campaign performance. Data-driven marketers are also able to predict the number of leads they need to generate to help sales meet their revenue targets. Aligning your goals is just another way to confirm marketing as a business partner.

Using data is as good as gold. It will buy you credibility and prove marketing’s value.

Ashley Ruppert, Product Business Analyst