Everyone knows the saying, “It’s cheaper to keep a customer than it is to acquire a new one.” It’s a saying that you’ve probably heard over and over in business and for good reason – it’s true. Crazy true. Insanely true.

Are your customers in your marketing mix?

What you may not know is how critical customers are to your existing sales funnel. There’s a few reasons why customers are so important in your marketing mix:

So, great – good information to know, right? But how do you put it into action?

First, make sure your CRM data is clean. It’s not enough for your sales team to enter the information for their prospects into the system during the sale. Your customer service team should own the data after the sale and continue to update contacts and their information during the customer lifecycle.

Second, utilize your marketing automation platform to continue to nurture and communicate with your customers post-sale. Outside of just blasting newsletters, you can create a customer-specific nurture and lead scoring profile to help you stay on top of the engagement your clients are having with your customers.

The takeaway? Customers are a critical piece of the sales funnel. Don’t ignore them.