How TRC Consultants Leveraged Technology to Align Sales & Marketing

Katherine Tronolone, Marketing Manager of TRC Consultants, began to explore marketing automation as a solution to some very specific challenges. She experienced what many marketers face today:

Marketing spent so much time on tactical execution that it didn’t have the bandwidth to analyze what was working well and what was underperforming. That’s when Katherine decided she needed to make a change. She looked to marketing automation to simplify processes, gain important insights and drive ROI.

Initially, she compared Salesfusion, becoming Sugar Market, Marketo and Hubspot. She chose Salesfusion because of its strength in native CRM integration, which doesn’t require custom programming.

“Salesfusion had all the features we wanted, including event management, at an affordable price,” she says. “The software is also extremely easy to use and web-based, so it was a no-brainer.”

Katherine’s story is not uncommon. Many marketers today face these challenges. The old way of doing things, such as batch and blast email, is quickly becoming less effective. It’s also incredibly time consuming. Additionally, these traditional methods make it difficult for marketers to prove their value to the organization. They are seen as a cost center, not a revenue center like sales.

The best way for marketers to increase efficiency, improve their effectiveness and drive ROI is with marketing automation technology. It helps align sales and marketing around a single funnel, common workflows and unified goals. It offers visibility into what works well and what doesn’t. Most importantly, it offers a transparent and easy way for marketers to calculate their ROI.

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