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  • Defining a company’s relationship to a customer throughout the sales process
  • Serving as the blueprint for a campaign to the buyer personas that a company develops
  • Aligning internal goals across departments
  • Aligning business goals with customer goals
  • Determining how to use customer data to the benefit of the company
  • Breaking down a marketing campaign into doable action steps
  • Helping to identify the proper channels of outreach for each piece of a marketing campaign

About our customer journey map templates:

If you are having trouble determining the direction of your marketing content, a customer journey map template helps to eliminate the low ROI choices that are possibly clouding your vision. Because the template helps to define the company’s relationship to the consumer along each step of the sales funnel, a company can plan for exactly what a particular marketing tactic will lead to.

Customer journey map templates are perfect to use alongside the buyer’s persona, and different customer journey maps can be created for each buyer persona if the endpoint for two separate personas is naturally different.
If you have trouble determining how to use the big data that you collect, the customer journey map template is a resource that you should use often. This is especially true when tactics need to change on the fly based on a need to adapt to a changing customer behavior.

If management has trouble delegating tasks efficiently, a customer map will help to define the roles of the individuals within a company as well as its relationship to its customers.

Finally, a map helps to define a company’s relationship to its marketing outlets, because the right campaign through the wrong lens means nothing but wasted money!

Download our Customer Journey Map Templates

Ready to get started? Download our free customer journey creation template and use it to begin mapping out the path your buyer personas will take to become customers.

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