Companies used to follow an incredibly standardized lead generation campaign process:

Those were the days…

Today, new business lead generation must adapt for buyers that have already done the research and educated themselves about your industry, product, and even competitors.

It’s imperative that you build a digital presence through content promotion and online branding.

Web lead generation is the epicenter of your digital marketing strategy. Every piece of content published on your website and promoted on social must be designed with prospective buyers in mind. That content can be reach larger audiences through email campaigns or, if you have the time and the resources, repurposed into higher profile content.

For example, let’s say you published on a blog post that did remarkably well. First of all, take the time to shut your office door, do your happy dance and bask in your unexpected glory. Then, brainstorm how you can repurpose that piece across lead generation websites.

Maybe the author could host a webinar on the topic, the subject matter could be broken down into infographics, or it could be the first post in a series that can later be packaged together as an eBook.

An effective way to generate new business is through email lead generation companies, like a marketing automation software. Allow loyal website readers to opt into weekly or monthly newsletters so they’re always up to date on all of the cool new updates you’re rolling out. Even segment your recipients so emails are delivered at the best time for their location or with information tailored to their industry.