We’re off to a good start. We’ve identified the need for content marketing in our company and have started researching and brainstorming how to implement it. Now, the hard part – actually adopting a content marketing strategy.

Don’t be scared! You’ve got this.

Let’s start from the very beginning (a very good place to start… Sorry). The best content marketing educates potential leads and current customers without selling to them. By first providing our audience with the information they want to read and engage with, we hope that they will come to trust us as a reputable content source and reward us with their business.

Use employees across departments as content marketing resources, especially those with customer-facing roles. They are the ones who best know your audience and what they care about and should be your first source of information as a content marketer. Ask them:

Decide what you want the purpose of your content to be. Will it educate buyers? Answer current customer questions? Provide information and statistics about your industry? Choose a focus first and then brainstorm what you can produce as apart of this content marketing system.

If you choose to go with the last option, and provide industry information and statistics, consider going a step further and implementing a content syndication strategy. Syndication is when you take your marketing content and submit it to be published on outside websites. These sites can be anything from online forums, information sites like Mashable, or even another company to trade content with.

In content marketing, there is no shame in repurposing. Post to your own website, syndication sites, and social networks. Do not worry about website visitors accessing your content from different sources – the goal is to get information out into the universe, so we must utilize every channel available us.

After all, we’re creating content to educate customers and bring in website traffic that will create additional, qualified leads.