Now that we know how to create a content marketing strategy, the worst is over – it’s time to share our information across various channels. The reason we share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and through email is because everyone digests information differently.

A certain percentage of of your target audience will access your content through social media. Others will prefer email, so they can save your message in their inbox to come back to and read when they have time – maybe even on their laptop at home late in the evening.

A growing number of B2B content consumers interact with your company on their smartphones and tablets. In 2014, make mobile content publishing a company-wide priority. It doesn’t matter how perfect your blog, white paper or infographic looks on a huge desktop if your readers are engaging on their iPhones during little league practice.

To make your content more mobile-friendly, consider the following tips:

Also experiment with content advertising. Take a piece of your marketing budget to pay to promote your content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or industry websites. Start small, with $50-100 pay per click ads on social media.

Advertising ensures that the right buyers have easy access to your content and your company and, at the very least, you should see an increase in content clicks and engagement.

Whichever channels you choose to post on, make sure to include a link back to your website. We want tweets, emails, and syndicated blogs to aid our inbound marketing content strategy, so we need readers to get back on our website to explore what else we have to offer them!