Content marketing is an adaptable strategy for all B2B marketers, no matter what your product is. Whether you sell ideas or objects, you must produce content to bring traffic into your website.

Try these content marketing tips to increase engagement:

  1. Promote interest: We know that we need to educate buyers by producing content with valuable industry statistics, information, and best practices. However, we must also interest buyers. This will be the difference between anonymous website visitors and those that want to share their contact information to receive more from you.
    • Present your educational material in a fun and interactive way, such as online videos, infographics, even interactive quizzes.
  2. Humanize your brand: Remember, you are a company of people. People with personalities, thoughts, opinions, wisdom… the list goes on and on. Humanize your company by including pictures and videos of your most valuable asset – your people!
    • Incorporate employees from every department into your content marketing strategy. Website visitors and potential leads will enjoy catching a glimpse of departments beyond marketing and sales.
  3. Create a content marketing guide: Okay, this isn’t exactly a fun tip, but you will be glad to have it once the pain of creation has passed. Write a company-wide “guide to content marketing” document detailing writing style, voice, spelling and grammar, citation, hyperlinking, etc.
    • This document will ensure that everyone follows the rules and represents your company positively when creating content.
    • Of course, your content marketing manager should still edit and approval all collateral before it goes live on your website.

Internal content marketing events are also a relatively quick and painless way to educate your company about your voice and vision. Take a couple hours to collaborate across departments about how you want your website and content to represent your product, brand, and company culture.