What is a marketer’s job, really? To beg for a bigger budget? To be the thorn in the sales team’s side? To spend months and months planning events that are seemingly over in a flash?

Well yes, we do all of that.

However, as a smart marketer our primary goal is to produce content. Content marketing is the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content, engagement from our target audience, and the drive of profitable customer action. We want to attract and retain customers by consistently creating valuable content.

Here are some tried and true content marketing ideas to get you started:

  1. First, define your objectives: Whether your goal is to promote your brand, increase sales, or build customer loyalty – begin with the end in mind. Create a consistent structure across channels so everything falls under the same guidelines.
    • As a department, brainstorm the strategy to get you there and how you will define successful metrics in review. This will simplify managing content marketing.
    • If you’re having trouble with your objectives, stop worrying about content creation and refocus on what your company offers your customers.
  2. Embrace a content marketing platform: Whether you invest in an outside service like DivvyHQ or build one inside your marketing automation system, platforms will keep your content marketing organized and segmented.
    • Make sure all content goes through a detailed system of creation and review before it is ever posted for public consumption.
    • Create specific due dates for everyone in the department – detail when the first draft is due for edits, the copy is passed to design, and the final package is reviewed before publishing.
  3. Invest your time and energy into dynamic content: This is when certain aspects of your website page or email body change based on the viewer’s interests. We learn their interests by analyzing past interactions.
    • This customizes each viewer’s experience with your content and increases their likelihood of engagement.
    • Begin your dynamic content process by prompting website visitors to complete a simple, online survey detailing their needs from your product/service, their industry, or their challenges.

The best content marketing educates potential leads and current customers without selling to them. By first providing our audience with the information they want to read and engage with we hope that they will come to trust us as a reputable content source and reward us with their business.