Market leading staffing company, Clarity Consultants, utilizes Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, to track marketing sourced revenue and remain top of mind to achieve more effective Sales and Marketing processes


Clarity was seeking a reliable solution that would provide robust tracking and reporting, cut painstaking processes and help them remain top of mind with their existing contacts.


As a Bullhorn user for over a decade, they required a solution that offered a robust integration with the CRM.


Clarity uses Sugar Market to build landing pages and forms to capture website visitor data as well as powerful emails and nurtures to stay top of mind with contacts. Using Advanced Analytics, BI-grade reporting, Clarity is able to understand contacts intentions to deliver a tailored, data-driven approach to interactions as well as measure the success of their marketing efforts and automate tasks so Sales can focus on higher-value tasks.

“We needed a reliable solution to track our marketing sourced and influenced pipeline. None of our previous solutions gave us this full view without arduous reporting work and the data quality was mixed. Also, with our previous MAP solutions we were stuck managing two contact databases, one in Bullhorn and the other in MAP.”
—Serafim Mendonca, Sr. VP, Corporate Development, Clarity Consultants