Just as a CRM is essential to Sales, a MAP is critical to marketers and their success. Simply having marketing automation is not enough though. Picking the wrong marketing automation platform can disrupt your entire marketing program and result in missed opportunities—and in turn, lost revenue. Success starts with having a marketing automation program that supports your marketing needs, team competencies, and business size.

“Similar to the age old tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the mid-market buyers’ challenge is finding a “just right” solution—a technology platform that provides an appropriate breadth and depth of features, that is easy to use and implement, at a reasonable total cost of ownership.”

Understanding your campaign requirements and a platform’s capabilities can help you achieve the best results possible, but focusing on the wrong features or not asking the right questions can lead to frustration and will likely negatively impact revenue and efficiency. In your search for the right marketing tools, be wary of platforms that claim they cater to ‘businesses of all sizes and industries,’ question platform support models, and understand what you’re really expected to pay.

Download the The Mid-Market Buyer’s Guide to Marketing Automation for a comprehensive list of steps and considerations before signing the dotted line on a marketing automation platform.

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