Many marketers think they can survive today’s business world with nothing more than their CRM software. While this is a great start and CRMs help organize all of the information associated with prospects, leads, and customers – it won’t organize and automate other necessary processes.

Denying your need to expand your company’s marketing reach is like denying a baby is going to grow any bigger. Healthy babies develop quickly. Pretty soon, they’ll be laughing and talking, you’ll need a bed instead of a crib, and shoes for those walking feet! New parents wouldn’t only buy newborn sizes or they’d be out of clothes in only a couple months.

Just like that maturing baby, we want marketing to grow out of your old systems and processes. Growth is a great sign – it means everything is healthy and developing. Marketing automation software, integrated with your CRM system, should alleviate some of those growing pains and increase your return on investment (ROI) in the process.

Many marketers face pressure to increase ROI while simultaneously justifying their spending costs. It can be frustrating to be expected to make more money while spending less money.

MA software tracks and monitors ROI and aligns the Sales and Marketing departments. This generates leads without sacrificing any additional marketing campaigns, such as email or PPC. On their own, CRMs are only able to manage leads at the individual level. They can’t find connections between leads, like industry, title, location, etc. to segment those leads into groups.

Marketing needs segmented leads in order to target groups based on interest. As more leads are funneled from the CRM software to the MA software they need to be categorized for targeted content.

How marketing automation software works to increase ROI:

Implementing marketing automation increases your company’s number of qualified leads as well as all around efficiency. With targeted and automated messages, Sales and Marketing free up their time from manual processes.