I won’t insult your intelligence by defining social media as a marketing strategy. I won’t explain how to create accounts across various channels. And I won’t detail every single solitary benefit a social presence will bring to your company.

(But, you should absolutely have a social media marketing strategy, across various channels because it will benefit the reach of your lead generation efforts, bringing more revenue to your company. Sorry, had to say it.)

Social media is no longer an afterthought in the marketing world. It’s earned its place as a respected contributor to the communications mix. Executives are finally seeing social media as the communications, branding, and lead generation machine that it is and companies now realize that social networks have the ability to massively impact a business.

Check out the four most important questions when it comes to implementing social media as a cornerstone of your B2B marketing plan and tracking the ROI of those efforts:

  1. Is there such a thing as social media ROI?
  2. Should you pay for social media?
  3. How do you measure social media success?
  4. What does this all mean?

These questions are great and all, but the power lies in the answers. Download our latest B2Best Practice document, The ROI of Social Media, for details, examples, and yes, answers to your social media ROI questions.