Why do marketers need a buyer persona?

Technology has altered the landscape of how customers demand and consume information by placing the power to gain information directly into buyer’s hands. As marketers, it has become increasingly important to provide timely and relevant messaging to ensure your making an impact on prospects when possible. Luckily, technology has also given marketers access to tons of information that allows them to do just that. Crafting a buyer persona enables marketers to understand who their target prospects are, what’s important to them, and how and when they want to consume information.

A buyer persona may look at a type of business, or it may deep dive into specific departments or even leadership roles within that department. Some things to consider are:

  • Firmographics or demographics
  • Goals
  • Information sources
  • Pain points
  • Objections and perception of value

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B2B Buyer Persona Template

We’ve created a B2B Buyer Persona Template that you can download for free. Crafted for marketers by marketers, the template can assist you in understanding your target customers. Use the template as you strategize and create campaigns to ensure you’re delivering consistent, targeted messaging.