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  • Determining the demographics of your audience
  • Identifying buyer trends
  • Direct future marketing campaigns
  • Develop an engaging elevator pitch
  • Locate and identify new customers

About Buyer Persona Templates

The buyer persona serves as the centerpiece to many data aggregation strategies that kick off a marketing campaign. More companies than ever are using the persona to quickly drill down into the personalities, habits and other “soft” factors within a demographic that cannot easily be quantified.

Creating a persona template means consolidating a great deal of information using trends as metrics. A procedure for the creation of a persona will usually include the following:

  1. Identifying the most important metrics for segmenting your best customers from the rest of the potential market
  2. Searching your current leads to discover trends about how people access and engage with your content
  3. Capturing the information of new leads through website forms and other information grabs based upon the metrics deemed important from the trends of your current leads
  4. Including the feedback of your sales team, especially generalizations about your demographic that have proven their mettle in the field through conversions
  5. Actively seeking information from potential customers through phone interviews, surveys and social listening

How to Use a Persona Template

Once you have created a proper template for each of your major audience groups, you can use that template for directing future marketing campaigns, showcasing your target market to investors, or restructuring your production to appeal more to that demographic (or less if you are looking for a different demographic).

The buyer persona is a great way to develop an elevator pitch for a customer or an investor. The sales team can go “off script,” using their individual skills to speak directly to the person on the template rather than the abstract notion of a generic customer. Executives and top level marketing staff will be able to easily cut through small talk straight to the motivations of investors.

You can also use a buyer persona to locate and identify new customers. For instance, if you know that the majority of your customers are between the ages of 18 and 25, female and African American, a quick search will tell you that a high percentage of that demographic use Instagram as their number one social networking platform.

Why Use a Persona Template?

Buyer personas are easy ways to communicate common goals between departments. Disseminating information about customers into a format that everyone from marketing to development can easily understand is the first step to a more efficient production process. One of the best ways to use a buyer persona is between your sales team and marketing department.

The buyer persona has the unique ability to open up a two way conversation between sales and marketing, so using information from both departments for the persona itself is essential. The sales department will be able to vet trends based upon front line sales experience. The marketing department will be able to quickly aggregate data and consolidate trends based upon reports and commonalities between different sets of customers.

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