I’ve been in the marketing automation industry for a couple years now – practically making me a veteran. I can say things like, “back in 2012” with a straight face and have people actually be intrigued by my industry insight. Only in the tech world…Marketing Automation Trends

Throughout my career I’ve seen multiple evolutions with the rise of web marketing automation, the initial phases of UK marketing automation, and marketing automation conferences galore. These are all amazing steps for the industry and we’re still growing!

However, according to a recent study by SiriusDecisions, only 16 percent of North American B2B companies use marketing automation. Which means we have a lot of growing left to do.

Shocking, right? We hear the term thrown around so often it’s practically a cliche. If you search marketing automation there are thousands, thousands of articles preaching that you might as well close your business if you aren’t on the marketing automation bandwagon.

Here are some brand-spanking new marketing automation trends for 2017:

These trends tell us that buyers are cautious as they research and implement marketing automation. They know the challenges they’re facing, but also know the ‘high-fives all around’ benefits they’re going to see.