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  • To establish initial communication with an influential blog or blogger
  • Opens lines of communication for deeper customer access to the sales funnel
  • Help build high quality links to have a stronger SEO link profile

About the Email Outreach Template

Using a blogger outreach email template solidifies your correspondence methodology and establishes your brand to potential partners. You will more quickly find partners who are willing to trade services and advertise your products while limiting your correspondence with less fruitful partnerships.

Our outreach email template contains language that will help facilitate responses. You will have the best chance of a response from your targeted market, and you will quickly call away those who are probably not interested in your business from the beginning.

How to Use the Email Outreach Template

This blogger outreach email template clearly communicates your brand and how association with your company can potentially help your partners and opens initial lines of communication. The template will contain wildcards that you can insert into a CRM platform to personalize each correspondence. After modifying the template to the specific needs of your demographic you can monitor its success.

From a baseline template, you can modify variables one at a time to see exactly which aspects of your business people are connecting with. You can expect to receive different responses from an email template; at this point, you can narrow down potential partners who are worth your time to send completely personalized correspondence.

Why Use the Email Outreach Template

Using an email outreach template gives you a baseline for research and exponentially improves your ability to expand the reach of your marketing efforts. You will be able to easily quantify what works and what does not work in your outreach and quickly respond. Having a template also greatly reduces the time-to-market of your marketing campaign. You will also be able to test the click through rates of your link building outreach and possibly modify your keyword strategy based on your findings.

An outreach template saves time that you would otherwise spend creating long, drawn out introductory letters, most of which will never be read. You also save money on third-party marketing services that provide a much lower ROI because of their slower time-to-market.

Download Our Email Outreach Template

We have a blogger outreach email template available for your use immediately. Download our template to obtain a professional yet engaging opening communication that can be easily personalized, modified and used in multiple campaigns. Spend less time worrying about the particulars of your grammar and checking for spelling mistakes and more time dealing with your overall marketing strategy.