Social media – you can’t escape it. You’re on it now! It’s become so commonplace that the phrase has almost become a marketing cliché, right up there with “low-hanging fruit” and “blue sky thinking.” However, your company’s social media presence is nothing to roll your eyes at.

There’s a lot of talk about implementing social media for your B2B marketing strategy. Type the topic into any search engine and you’ll be scrolling through articles for the rest of your marketing career. Whether you’re looking for a new way to connect with potential leads or another channel to add to your content promotion, social media is most successful when adapted as a strategic component of your B2B marketing model.

Let’s start from the beginning. At its most basic definition, social media is a series of networks where users can share information throughout their digital community. These communities include:

Twitter users share thoughts, Slideshare users share documents, and Reddit users share… too much.

Though created with the personal user in mind, businesses have transformed these social media sites into customer forums, content sharing sites, and advertising platforms. This is accomplished through integration with your marketing strategy, choosing your platforms, defining your audience, and continuing the conversation.

Download Sugar Market’s, becoming Sugar Market’s, latest B2Best Practice as your guide into all things social media. This document will help you decide where to focus your B2B social media efforts and how to effectively target your content for each platform. So, go ahead and turn that low-hanging social media fruit into some blue sky thinking!