The biggest marketing automation benefit is also the most simple – to automate marketing processes that were once manual, effectively freeing up more time to market, drive leads, and deliver revenue. In other words, you’ll have more time to act on new ideas as you spend less time going through the technology motions.

According to Marketing Automation Times, “Marketing automation software has become the best solution for developing email marketing and sales campaigns and driving revenue.”

Beyond automating marketing processes, check out these facts and statistics to discover even more benefits of marketing automation:

While these benefits are a great incentive to get started on the hunt for your own marketing automation tool, many companies searching for the perfect vendor are more concerned with the how than the why. Yes, you may know why you need it, but how are you going to do it?

Some of the companies searching for the answer to this question choose to work with a marketing automation agency to fill their software with data and test the system’s programs. But before you pay more money, get in touch with your vendor. As a SAAS tool, your marketing automation provider should work with you to access your current marketing strategy, adapt it to your new software, integrate your content, and test every nook and cranny – from email segmentation to predictive lead scoring.

Remember, marketing automation’s biggest benefit is it’s ability to automate previously manual processes. Keep this goal in mind as you access the other solutions you’re looking for in a system.