Just like all of the other responsibilities today’s modern marketer faces, B2B marketing solutions take time, money, resources, and serious manpower.

We often find ourselves head first in a B2B marketing magazine trying to discover the latest and greatest tips and best practices from industry experts. Of course now we’ve upgraded to the online versions, so instead of ink on our noses there’s burning in our eyes. Don’t waste any more of your precious budget on a B2B marketing magazine subscription, there are plenty of trade secrets available for free online.

Many B2B marketing articles will tell you to diversify your lead generation strategy. This means, that you need to educate potential buyers across multiple platforms. These strategies include:

These strategies must be integrated in order for your marketing efforts to be successful. A stand alone strategy will not achieve results – would you strictly engage a qualified lead by tweeting at them multiple times a day? Of course not. Overt repetition quickly becomes a nuisance.

B2B marketing automation helps marketers, and even sales, condense all of their touchpoints and lead generation strategies into one tool. From a single system, we can monitor a lead’s activity on your website, collect their information through a landing page, engage them with original content, and offer calls to action through nurture campaigns.

Online B2B marketing is a modern necessity.

Organize your life by investing in as few tools as possible. With that said, make sure the ones that do take your time and attention can do most everything you need. This way you can monitor engagement, capture lead information, and promote your content from one place.