B2B marketing events are a critical component of a successful marketing strategy. While virtual events are easier to organize, live events are necessary to stay connected to customers and visible in your industry.

Events are natural platforms for lead generation. When it comes to live events, such as a B2B marketing conference, you’re there to promote your products and brand. We want our ROI to reflect all of the time and money put in by the marketing team, designers, and sales reps working the front lines.

Also be sure to put thought and detail into the experience you want your target buyers to go through. If you’re designing a booth that is going to be one of hundreds lined up in a massive convention center, brainstorm how to stand out in the crowd. Make sure to stick to your branding when it comes to colors, logos, and even small giveaway items.

Here are some other B2B marketing ideas for events:

There are plenty of other B2B marketing examples when it comes to events, but the best advice is often the most simple – be authentic.

Show potential buyers who your company really is. If you have a casual office where people work in jeans and T-shirts, don’t show up to an event in a three-piece suit. If you prefer to nurture leads through social media or email campaigns early on, don’t ask for their phone numbers right away.