Effective email campaigns are one of the most essential B2B marketing communications techniques. But, before you dive into the world of corporate emails, be sure you’ve laid out a detailed plan of attack. Sending random, too many, or uninformative emails will quickly get you labeled as a spammer. A label that’s easier to avoid in the first place then bounce back from.

Here are some quick ‘how to’ B2B marketing tips for email campaigns:

  1. Send emails to open a dialogue: Companies that are labeled with the dark mark of ‘spammer’ just batch and blast their messages. Instead, extend the conversation with calls to action throughout your message.
  2. Be consistent with branding: Use your B2B marketing logo, company colors, and similar layouts throughout all email campaigns. It’s important to establish consistency, as this builds trust between email sender and receiver.
  3. Segment your recipients: This ensures that everyone is getting highly specified content. Whether you group recipients by industry, company size, industry, or even based on answers from a survey, segmentation helps you avoid writing in vague tones.
  4. Mix up the content inside your emails: If you only send software updates or customer newsletters, your recipients will quickly catch on and start ignoring your messages. Include links to B2B marketing books, infographics, recorded, webinars, or event forms.
  5. Automate as much as you can without sounding like a robot: When creating email campaigns inside your marketing automation software save time by building campaigns through templates, merge fields, and behavioral triggers.
  6. Test different subject lines: Remember, we want our emails to actually be opened and clicked. A/B testing is a great way to analyze the tone and length of your subject lines, but don’t stop there – send in-house drafts to test deliverability, hyperlinks, and images.

Here’s a bonus tip – keep the needs and wants of your email recipients as your number one priority. Too many marketers get caught up in what they need and want. Inform your audience with a brief and entertaining message. Don’t overdo it with too much copy or distracting images, that won’t win you any B2B marketing awards.