The term blog often has a negative connotation attached to it. It conjures up images of teenage girls debating who the cutest member of One Direction is or anti-government conspiracy theorists posting from a dark basement. Whatever the category, blogging allows anyone to write from the point of view of an expert – posting their content for mass internet consumption with no fact checking, editing, or writing degree required.

B2B marketing blogs have to have a different approach. You already are an expert in your industry, so adding a B2B marketing blog to your inbound content strategy is just another way to educate leads and customers.

Here are four reasons blogging will be one of your best B2B marketing campaigns:

  1. Adds value and engagement opportunities for leads and customers: Provide insightful opinions about your products and industry, how-to information, and guest pieces from employees across departments.
  2. Increases inbound links to your website: When readers and employees share your blog posts on their own social media sites, it increases quality links to your site. This is one of the most organic B2B marketing tactics that can’t be recreated by an SEO service.
  3. Creates an engagement platform: Website visitors will have the opportunity to express their own thoughts in the comments section – use this as an opportunity to respond and engage. Make it easy for them to share your posts on social media with large, simple social icons.
  4. Content can easily be repurposed: Take a popular blog post and increase its shelf life by transforming the content into an infographic, video, or webinar. You can then promote your new content through email or other B2B marketing campaigns.

Remember, the goals of your B2B blog are very different from personal or even B2C blogs. We aren’t trying to push a sales or even increase brand awareness, we’re focused on building long term relationships and increasing ROI.

However you define B2B marketing within your own company, your blog must be provide professional information and recommendations with a simple and interesting writing style. There are tons of B2B marketing resources out there, but start with your own industry knowledge.