Business lead generation stimulates and captures the attention of your target buyers to fill your sales pipeline – everyone loves a full pipeline. But how do we stimulate and capture the attention of target buyers? How do we fill the sales pipeline? What is B2B lead generation?

Modern B2B lead generation strategies rely heavily on digital channels and an abundance of online content. There are many new techniques and online B2B lead generation softwares that aid self-directed buyers.

As a digital marketer, your struggle is to stand out in a sea of online content, advertising, and targeted messaging. It all starts with visibility. Successful lead generation businesses don’t email blast giant, purchased lists hoping that a couple recipients might engage. Today, buyer interest comes first.

Try these B2B lead generation ideas to increase engagement and close future deals:

  1. Content marketing: Write relevant, educational, and thought provoking content, such as infographics, blog posts, eBooks, and slide presentations. Upload that content to your various marketing channels, and provide engagement opportunities for readers.
    • Content, or inbound marketing, provides effective B2B lead generation services for both startups and larger companies alike.
  2. Search marketing: Paid social searches increase the quality and volume of your digital leads. Try PPC lead generation as banner ads on industry forums, promoted tweets, or LinkedIn promotions.
    • Search marketing can be easily added to your content marketing efforts, promoting the blogs, graphics, and campaigns you already have in your marketing calendar.
  3. Email: Yes, we hear a lot of backlash about potential buyers being quick to the unsubscribe button, but that is a reflection of your messaging, not your channel. You may also be emailing leads too early if engagement is especially low.
    • Monitor prospects’ website engagement and implement a lead scoring system. After a minimum threshold is reached, they’re ready to be nurtured with email.

These lead generation tactics can all be implemented as a team effort. Whatever path you choose, make sure you offer a variety of content for leads to consume. Only providing lead generation blogs or tracking website activity won’t fully educate your leads, leaving the sales funnel lonely and empty.