One of the best ways to leverage your website is to understand where traffic originates, the parts of your site and the highest visits, how long people visit and which pages drive lead conversion. Even better is if you can take this a step further and use specific lead generation methods know specifically who is doing all this on your site, then surface that information to your sales team.

Marketing automation allows you to track all of that. You can also uncover individuals and companies who are visiting your site. You can use this information to enrich your contact data in the CRM. Sales can see, immediately, when and how prospects engage with your content.

If organic search is not driving enough people to your website, it is important to take a look at search engine optimization (SEO) and ensure you are doing everything you can to maximize your reach. Having tools built into marketing automation that provide insights and checklists for improving your rankings, can give you the boost you need.

Website Tracking Highlights