Digital marketing is tricky business. As marketers, we want to know everything possible about each lead in our CRM and marketing automation software. But, we know prospects don’t want to fill out long-winded and overly personal online forms.

I will sign up for anything online. Enter to win a free kayak? I live in Atlanta, but sure it’d be awesome for weekend trips! Personality quiz? Clearly I’m extroverted and Type-A, but let’s see if you agree! I do, however, have one rule – I’m not filling out any form that asks for too much. Whether that be personal information that’s too personal, or simply too many questions. (Location, interests, mother’s maiden name, college major… Give it a rest.)

And I know I’m not the only one.

Prompting leads on your website to detail their job responsibilities, a second form of ID and a blood sample are key factors in your lead capture form abandon rates. Okay, so hopefully you haven’t taken it this far, but then which questions are affecting your abandon rate? Is there anything that can be removed without compromising how that lead is segmented in your database?

Data enrichment capabilities integrated with your marketing automation platform can enhance your lead generation efforts and provide higher quality data. In turn, you will be able to better segment your leads, nurture them with the most relevant content, and track them through the sales funnel. Not to mention, the benefits of arming your sales team with more relevant lead information.

We’ve aligned with InsideView, a market-leading data aggregator that provides information about companies and people, with access to 30,000+ social, media, and financial resources, to leverage InsideView’s Open API platform.  This system provides direct access to the most accurate company and contact data, enriching leads and accounts on demand within your marketing automation platform, with direct synchronization to CRM as well.

With Sugar Market Enrich, marketers can infuse their existing leads and accounts with more relevant information directly from within the new Data Enrich card on the Sugar Market dashboard.  Marketers also have the option to have landing page sourced leads automatically enriched upon conversion.

Now, email address is the only required field for prospective customers to complete a submit request.  Marketing and sales will see higher rates on landing page completion and will benefit from enhanced firmographic information for stronger follow-up based on the additional data automatically provided from the enrichment process.

Get the lead information you need to nurture and convert them into customers without any creepy, overly personal, 5-page long, online capture forms. Now, where’s my free kayak?