Marketing automation and inbound marketing are like peanut butter and jelly – fine on their own, but even better together.

Inbound marketing is the process of helping buyers in your industry find your company. Their engagement with your content quickly turns into brand preference, which gives you an awesome advantage over the competition the moment they are ready to buy.

Marketing automation refers to any software that automates and regulates marketing tasks. The ultimate goal is for companies that implement to sell more efficiently and deliver more revenue.

Your buyers are looking at your content online. They’re going to keep looking at it until they decide to move forward with another company or, the better option, complete a form on your website, effectively moving them to the next step of the buying cycle.

Without an answer to the troubling, “What now?” question, your sales funnel will become overfilled with increasingly stale leads that don’t have a clear next step in front of them.

If you’re marketing automation software is working with your inbound strategy, then the system will capture and store their information. From here, you can segment your shiny new lead into a nurture program until they’re sales-qualified.

Check out these stats to see just how important your marketing automation/inbound marketing strategy is:

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