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  • Helps you to quickly identify and access key people and processes within a market
  • Sets your internal team on the same path when it comes to planning for a client
  • Helps tie the internal action process to the company rather than to a specific employee, reducing the effect of turnover
  • Allows for a more precise analysis of successes and failures in individual partnerships

About the Account Based Marketing Template

This template will help you keep up with account based marketing best practices as applied to your specific client base. By combining the most important elements of statistical analysis and CRM into a single platform, your company gains the ability to quickly identify target employees, processes, problems and opportunities in the market that apply specifically to your partnerships. The result is a much faster funnel to proactive solutions that only becomes more efficient as you fill in the structure with the appropriate data.

How to Use the Account Based Marketing Template?

If you have a general idea of your B2B marketing strategy, you can quickly narrow down your options for account based marketing tactics into a detailed plan using an account based marketing template. The template should be used to streamline your processes based on the assets of your partner client, its position in its industry and the advantages that its unique selling points give to it. You will be able to more quickly identify all of these characteristics using the template.

Why Use the Account Based Marketing Template?

The main reason to use an account based marketing template is to solidify the B2B marketing strategies that you will employ for your clients. Using the template, all of the information that you have gathered about a client will remain with the company in a structure that can be used by any employee. You will not have to worry about turnover, nor will your clients become annoyed with you by having to repeat their story to multiple employees should something happen to their primary contact.

Download Our Account Based Marketing Template

If you are looking to cultivate a more sophisticated relationship with your clients, download our account based marketing template. Once you become accustomed to recording your relationship with your clients in the fashion detailed by the template, you will find that solutions will crystallize more quickly and your relationships will become much more solid.

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