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  • Creating an About Us section of your website navigation
  • Engaging prospects with copy they actually read
  • Explaining who you are, without talking too much about yourself
  • Opening the door for next steps

About Us Pages

There are different reasons for creating an About Us page, and therefore there are different methodologies behind the content creation process. If your audience wants to know exactly who you are, (say you are a service provider, volunteer organization, etc.), you’ll want to tell them exactly that. Who are YOU? (Not what can you do for the reader)

However, most people are looking to understand why they should care about you. In order to do that, you need to solidify your value right from this page.

It’s important to keep in mind that the About Us page is often the MOST VIEWED page on a website, which means your viewers are essentially begging you to convince them to like you.

Unfortunately, most people miss the mark.

The template download will give you the exact steps for creating a perfect About Us page. Before getting started, however, consider these things NOT to do:

  • Don’t talk AT the viewer.
    This is the time to really connect with prospects on a more human level, which makes warming up the prospect that much easier.
  • Don’t tell them the boring details.
    Steer clear from telling them the year you were founded just to tell them the year you were founded. Unless you’re establishing value with a very impressive “Trust Us, We’re Old” factor, giving readers dry details about when and where you were established will bore them as much as High School History did.
  • Don’t talk about you.
    What you’re really trying to do is show the reader why they should care about you. In order to do that, you have to talk about them.

The template we’ve created is more of a guide. It gives you the secret 3-pronged format and explains some basic structural tricks for engaging your audience, showing your value, and getting one step closer to a qualified lead. No matter what copy you move forward with, these three elements must be included.

Many marketing templates use format methodologies like this one, but we’ve styled this one specifically to tricks for creating About Us page copy.

Download The Secret Template for an Effective About Us Page!