Are traditional forms of social media, like Twitter and Facebook, no longer helping you increase engagement amongst your target audience? Does it seem like these platforms are not effectively targeting a segment of your market? Instagram is no longer for the photographer or videographer on the rise.

B2B Instagram Strategy

According to TechCrunch, Instagram has seen a high influx in users (over 700 million users) in the past two years, and is twice the size of Twitter, which means your company can have a better chance of quality leads. This quick boost has come from Instagram integrating new tools such as Instagram stories (similar to Snapchat) or its “offline” function for Android users which allows them to use Instagram without the costs of their data plan. The key to Instagram’s success is that it transitions with the flow of trends and has used 2017 marketing trends to its advantage.

Using Instagram can help increase leads clicking on landing pages, reduce the cost of lead generation, and allow your company to target a niche market. Social media is constantly changing, but there are some evergreen techniques that can help companies create brand awareness and brand loyalty. If your company is not already on social media, check out 12 Social Media Tips for B2B Marketers. For B2B marketers who are ready to take the next steps to integrating Instagram into their company’s social strategy, here are a few tips to maximize your B2B instagram account.

8 tips to use for your B2B Instagram strategy

  1. Take your consumer to work for a day – Make your consumer feel as if they can understand and personally relate to the company culture. Companies can demonstrate the company’s culture on Instagram by using their mission or vision statement as the basis of a “theme” when generating visual content. This means taking a holistic approach and fostering a sense of transparency with your target market. Try featuring employees on Instagram to help leads better understand your company.Let your target audience know what employees are working on or give them a snapshot of the different personalities. Highlight employees in various scenarios, from day-to-day operations to having an employee be a key note speaker at a major event that brings awareness to the company. Lastly, remember to acknowledge excellent on and off-the-clock achievements. By including a CTA, these posts can also create consumer engagement and better connect the audience. These posts can also help lay the foundation of the company’s history.
  2. Everyone loves an origin story – Make sure to include information about your company’s past, present and future through photos. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as a post that spotlights the founder(s) of the company. The Instagram Galleries feature can also help convey this message to your target audience, like showing a major project your company worked on from beginning to end through photos. However, it is important for B2B marketers to convey a company’s story truthfully, which includes the good times and the bad times the company has faced, and how it overcame hurdles in an effort to better serve its market. Not only is this an opportunity for a company to tell its story, but also that of its partners. Companies that posts about partners should tag partners in their posts. This helps nurture better business relationships and allows companies to increase reach.
  3. Use a Filter – It’s important to remember there’s a time and a place for filters. For example, maybe don’t add a Nashville filter to a LinkedIn photo, but on Instagram, filters (used correctly) work. In fact, they can actually help increase engagement on Instagram. Filters can also enhance a photo taken with a low-resolution camera or may have otherwise been deemed as having a lower quality to be more aesthetically pleasing. However, make sure to pick a filter that does not distract from the message the post conveys.
  4. Save the date – Not all platforms are created equally, but uniformity along a company’s social media platforms is essential, with variations based on platform standards. Make sure your company is using a social media management tool, such as Oktopost to manage all of the company’s social media accounts. Additionally, setting posts for holidays and other major events, through the use of hashtags and eye-catching photos can create the perfect combination for Instagram. These posts can be made ahead of time to perfectly target your audience and achieve an optimal level of engagement. However, social media managers should make sure that they keep up-to-date with the latest news to ensure the company’s social media is not offensive or left unattended.
  5. Create a Hashtag Haven – Instagram allows upwards to 30 hashtags per post. For B2B marketers, it is recommended to air on the side of caution and use hashtags that are a best fit for the SEO of the company. Less than four hashtags is an optimal range for B2B Instagram accounts.
  6. Let’s Talk – Having conversations on top, trending industry news and topics will allow your target market to be a part of the conversation. This can be done in several ways on Instagram, including graphics, photos, or videos. Have interviews with members of the company, insert great quotes you hear other employees use in graphics, or feature employees at different events. This gives your target market an outlet to express their professional opinions and can draw attention to upcoming company events.
  7. Location is everything – Make sure to let your company’s target market know everything about your event by using the location feature. Use Instagram Live to post before and during the event. You can also post after through a recap of graphics or photos. These posts give a company the opportunity to demo products while promoting an event, taking a two-in-one approach to Instagram. Other businesses that geographically surround these events can also be tagged in posts or through the use of local businesses’ hashtags or Instagram geostickers to make connections throughout a company’s Instagram social media community. Events not only have F2F benefits for companies, but also online benefits.
  8. Share the Love – Not only can marketers tag other companies or use another company’s hashtags, but can also feature other companies on your company’s Instagram page through regramming another company’s content. This content increases impressions and shows support to other companies. It also creates valuable content on a company’s Instagram page when social media marketer’s may be hitting a roadblock when it comes to creating new content.

The Takeaway

Instagram can offer visual content that other platforms cannot. However, with any social platform it is important to be prepared with the knowledge and tools necessary to create ROI through social media. Through using an integrated marketing automation platform, such as Sugar Market, previously Sugar Market, with the help of social media management tools like Oktopost, companies can seamlessly make the social media transition to new platforms with ease and track ROI in real time.