Need help generating funnel leads? We can all use help there, since keeping the funnel full and flowing is a must for marketers who want to build and maintain a solid lead generation program.

Today, let’s focus on the first step: Keeping your funnel full by generating top of the funnel leads.

How to Build Awareness & Interest for Top of the Funnel Leads

Top of the funnel leads should be in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. As such, it’s important to keep in mind that the overarching goal for pulling in these leads is to build awareness and some general interest in what your business does.

How can you achieve this goal and keep your funnel full at all times? Start with these seven tips:Funnel Leads

Keep Your Funnel Full — Then Get It Flowing

Once you have tactics like these in place, you’ll be well positioned to keep your funnel full with new leads. And, once you can do that, you can keep your funnel flowing with acceleration activities like nurture campaigns that are designed to strengthen relationships and turn those leads into customers.