You can run, but you definitely can’t hide! Budget and planning season is upon us. But with a little bit of preparation you can make it a little less painful this year.

The idea of going to a budget meeting can be enough to send some people into cold sweats. With executives and finance scrutinizing every penny, you know that you need to be ready to defend your plan. You will be asked tough questions like: What exactly did we get out of that event? You need additional headcount to do what? …tweet? Do you really need that much for technology? And, so on.

Don’t shudder this year when it comes to planning and budgeting for next year. Check out
7 Things Every Marketer Should Do to Prepare for 2016 Planning to get:

  1. Detailed checklist for end of year to-dos
  2. Best practices for planning and budgeting
  3. Benefits of plan and budget

Download your 2016 Preparation Guide Here.