The world of marketing has substantially changed in the last few years. Content, email marketing and social now play a greater role than ever before. Their importance will continue to grow as more marketers adopt marketing automation technology to improve efficiency and drive ROI.

Regardless of your channels or strategy, there are several tips you should keep in mind for all your communications in order to have high impact marketing. These tips will help maximize your effectiveness and engagement across channels.

  1. Employ a narrow focus. Consumers today demand personalization. They want you to speak directly to their wants and needs. This requires very targeted messaging across your communications. One way to really maximize your effectiveness without costing you a ton of time is to set up nurture campaigns. You can create content for market segments that require unique message strategies. This will help you reach key prospects with information that’s relevant to them throughout their journey. Since nurtures are automated, they don’t require a continuous investment of time like batch and blast email marketing.
  2. Write in a voice that reflects your brand identity. Imagine that your company is a person. What kind of person will relate well with your ideal customer? Do you need to elicit their trust, be seen as innovative, or appeal to their sense of humor? Do you need to be an expert or their peer? Consider how you want to be perceived and ensure your voice and creative is consistent with shaping that identify.
  3. Make sure your copy is coherent, logical and organized. Always start with an outline, even if you’re just writing ad copy. Identify what you want to say. Then organize how you’ll say it. Your reader needs to follow your thinking and can’t do so if you’re not organized. Your message should be linear. It should walk them through a concept, idea or proposition.
  4. Use short sentences, words and paragraphs. Don’t overcomplicate your message. Use short, easy-to-understand words. Keep your sentences concise. It’s easier to digest a few short sentences than one that resembles a paragraph. In the same vein, it’s easier to process a document of short paragraphs than several large blocks of text.
  5. Solve a problem or identify an opportunity. There is so much information and “noise” in today’s world; it’s critical that you rise above it. Marketers intuitively know this yet often miss the mark in their execution. The key is to say something meaningful to your audience. Offer a solution to a common problem they face, or identify an opportunity they should leverage. Don’t just list out your product’s features. Seek to help your prospects and customers. You will develop more genuine relationships with them.
  6. Ask people to take action. Whether you’re sending a promotional email or writing a white paper, each piece should have a goal. Maybe you hope they’ll share your blog post with their team (shameless plug), download a white paper, or request a demo of your product. Each piece should lead them down a guided path.