The Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, team is getting ready to head to San Francisco for Dreamforce next week. I fly out on Saturday, so I am planning to spend my evenings this week preparing for my trip. I started to make my list last night and I was reminded of a few things:

  1. Be prepared to walk. A lot: Not only is Moscone Center a big, BIG place, but chances are you will be attending sessions, meetings, and parties outside of Moscone, as well. Be prepared to cover a lot of ground in your 4-5 days in San Francisco.
  2. Shoes matter: Which leads me to my next point: SHOES. Don’t be silly. This isn’t the conference for fancy shoes. Save those for your next event. Make sure to pack shoes that will get you through the day.
  3. Power up: Your phone will be your best friend next week as you are coordinating meetings, following hashtags, and finding your way around the city. Make sure to power it fully each day and bring along your charger and a back up power source, if you have one.
  4. Brace yourself, networking is coming: Make sure you have your business cards ready, because this is the networking event of the year. You will have the opportunity to be engaged in conversation from breakfast ‘til midnight, so take advantage of it.
  5. Pre-register for sessions: If you plan on attending certain sessions, make sure you’ve pre-registered. Finding a seat will be difficult (if not impossible) if you try to walk into sessions on-site. Plan out your schedule ahead of time.