With 2017 right around the corner, every department is beginning to think about business plans for the new year. We all have goals and things we’d like to change with a fresh year’s start. We’ve already discussed tips on marketing planning, so now here are four things W-Systems recommends you include in your 2017 sales planning.

  1. Create Structured Goals
    In order to create achievable goals, you need to build them with structure. Do this by breaking your overarching goals into smaller milestones, and assigning rough due dates to each milestone. Also assign a person to each goal, so someone is held accountable for achieving it.
  2. Review & Document your Sales Processes
    When was the last time you reviewed your sales processes? The year’s end is a great time to do just that. Review all sales processes with your sales team and the leadership team. If adjustments are made, document them in a place that the entire company has access to in order to keep things transparent.
  3. Reassess your current customer base
    Enlist your marketing team to work with the sales team on assessing your current customer base. Which customers were supportive of your business goals and which customers cost you? Are there any new demographic trends in your customer base at this time? Use this information to rewrite your customer personas and adjust your target audience in 2017.
  4. Don’t Forget your CRM
    You are already working hard to keep your sales strategy up to date, so don’t let your CRM fall behind either. Make sure your CRM is up-to-date and that the processes around it are being maintained and enforced. Also, be sure to take advantage of your CRM’s reporting capabilities to forecast for the new year, help you set your goals, and reward those who led to success in 2016.

You’ve got a lot to do, so let’s get started. Once you’ve made some changes to your sales strategy, you can present them to your company using this sales & marketing presentation template from Salesfusion, becoming Sugar Market.

About the Author

Katie Liesmann
Katie Liesmann has been the marketing Coordinator at W-Systems since January 2015. Her skill-set includes lead generation, campaign management, and content creation for the tech startup industry. Katie received her marketing degree from the University of Texas at Austin, is a certified Sugar Administrator and has written over 70 articles on Customer Relationship Management in the past two years. Former farm-girl and an Austinite for almost a decade, she is passionate about cats, cooking, and two-stepping.