So you want to build a killer marketing team? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re starting from the beginning or looking to reinvent your current team setup, we have what you need to build a winning combination of people, culture and strategy.

But before we dive into our handy checklist, we need to share an important disclaimer. This advice is not a strict checklist with boxes you absolutely need to fill to succeed. Rather, it’s a framework to get you thinking about different facets of building your marketing team, because there’s no one-size-fits-all here. What works for one company doesn’t necessarily work for the next, so be sure to use this insight as a springboard, not a be all end all.

Now that we’ve gotten that off our chests, let’s dive into the good stuff…

People, Culture, Strategy & Beyond: The Ingredients of Team Success

When you hear the word “team,” your mind immediately jumps to people. And that’s a good thing, as people are without a doubt the most important part of any team. But they’re not the only thing that contributes to a team’s success. To build a truly solid foundation, you also need to consider factors like culture and strategy. Think of it like making a cake where the people are your ingredients and everything else is the recipe — as critical as it is to have the right ingredients, what you do with those ingredients and how you put them together also impacts the end result.

Based on that line of thinking, here are the four categories to which you must pay attention while building your team:


First, you need to fill your team with the right people. In this sense, we’re looking at skills and roles within the team (the cultural fit of the people you choose will come later on — first you have to know what you’re hiring for!). Within the people category, you need to consider four key checkpoints:


Second, you need to consider culture, and the implications of this one are often bigger than they seem. Culture not only dictates how you surface new ideas and bring them to life, but it also helps you attract and retain the best people. With that in mind, you need to think about:


Next, you need a strategy that will serve as a map to guide your team’s efforts toward achieving goals. This strategy should be:

The Great Beyond

Finally, we have one of the most overlooked factors — what happens beyond marketing. Your marketing team is only one component of the entire organization, and you need to think about how your team will interact with and support other teams. While there are a lot of inter-team relationships to consider, there’s one in particular that stands out:

Let’s Get Down to Business

Now that you have our complete checklist for what it takes to build a successful marketing team, there’s really nothing else left to do but start filling in the ranks of your own team so that you can get down to business and see the fruits of your labor for yourself.