The way companies interact with prospects and customers is becoming increasingly complex. With many relationships now relying on multichannel engagements, communications teams are struggling to maintain consistency across all of its channels and to keep up with which channels are being utilized to engage with which audiences.

Although its constantly promising to make life easier, the digital world has created an entirely new and intricate marketing and communications mix. So, how do you keep up? Here are three suggestions.

  1. Communicate: Marketing and communications professionals are often times so focused on saying the right thing at the right time that we can forget one key group of people to communicate with – each other. If you have more than one person on your marketing team, there is a good chance that you are all working on different projects. You shouldn’t assume that anyone is thinking of how certain projects impact others. Take ownership of communicating everything to your team and other stakeholders.
  2. Integrate: Taking communication a step further, consider if there are ways to better integrate your marketing and communications team. Depending on your team’s needs, there are a lot of technologies that can help you all stay on the same page with changes, updates, and additions to the marketing and communications calendar.
  3. Collaborate: Every member of the marketing and communications team should have a clear understanding of the marketing voice, brand, and content strategy. Instead of working in silos, work together to collaborate and brainstorm on different projects. This keeps ideas fresh and multichannel engagements consistent.

These are just three ways to increase consistency in audience engagement across multiple channels. What are some things your team does to stay in sync?